Fringe Rates FY2017

Regular Faculty and Academic Staff 39.7%
Regular Classified 51.6%
Research Associates and Grad Interns 24.7%
Research Assistants, Project Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Pre-Doc Fellows and/or Trainees 23.5%
Post-Doc Fellows and/or Trainees 17.4%
Limited Term Employees (LTEs) 9.8%
Ad Hoc Program Specialists, Undergraduate Assistants and Undergraduate Interns 1.0%
Student Hourly Employees 3.3%

F&A and Fringe Benefit Rates

Updated: June 23rd, 2016

UW Negotiated Rates (Agreement Dated 4/27/2015)

F&A Rates Effective Dates: 7/1/13 - 6/30/17 (research rate of 53.0%)

Fringe Rates Effective 07/01/2016 - 06/30/2017

Any rates other than those detailed in the grid must be:

Official F&A Rate Agreement (June 23rd, 2016)

State of WI F&A Rate Memo

Transition to new rates FAQ (April 4, 2014)

F&A Policy Memo

F&A Base Account Code Mapping
Updated: January 26th, 2015

Source of Funds Applicable To F&A Rate
Federal, Non-Direct Federal, For Profit Entities, Non-Profit Entities, Non-Federal governmental agencies Research 53.0% of MTDC
Public Service 36% of MTDC
Instruction 50% of MTDC
Primate Center non-P51 Grants 53.0% of MTDC
Primate Center P-51 Core Grant 37.0% of MTDC
Commercially Sponsored Clinical Trials Clinical Trials 28% of TDC
All Sources All Off Campus Programs 26% of MTDC
Governmental Agencies within the State of WI* DHFS, DOA, DWD, DOT, DNR, DATCP, Dane County, Madison School Districts & Other State of WI governmental units 15% of TDC
DPI, WI Tech College System 8% of TDC
*Applications to a State of WI agency which are part of that agency's application to another Sponsor should include the full University Rate listed in the first section above. The state rate should only be used when the State Agency has already received the funding (i.e. Block Grant) and is passing a portion of the existing funding on to the University.

*All applications to State of WI Agencies must include F&A costs with a footnote stating, "If funded with State GPR funds or other nonfederal funds which by program or policy do not allow, F&A costs should be excluded from the award."

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