Budget Tools

Page Updated: May 11th, 2018

Careful budget preparation is essential to a successful research project. Your College or School research administrator can assist in crafting your budget.

RSP provide two budget spreadsheets to assist in budget calculations. When used, these spreadsheets provide accurate calculations of salary fringe benefits and Facilities and Administration (F&A) costs.

NOTE: The budget spreadsheets have been modified to account for the recommended change in tuition remission charges. If you are going to include graduate students on your project, you must indicate the number of PAs/RAs working in each budget year. See the Tution Remission tab in the spreadsheet.

Standard Budget: this spreadsheet should be used in all cases where the extramural sponsor does not have a prescribed budget form. This tool provides a budget page that can be included with proposals and matches the reporting capabilities of our financial system.

424 R&R Budget: this spreadsheet should be used to assist in the preparation of Grants.gov applications or other applications requiring use of the 424 R&R form set.

NIH Budget: this spreadsheet may be used to assist in the preparation of NIH Modular budgets. This correctly calculates the number of modules you should request for your project, including the associated F&A costs. This can them be used on the NIH grant application.

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