September 25th is National Research Administrator's Day!

Who are we?

Our colleagues are the finest researchers on the planet.

Our colleagues improve the world
...its people,
...our communities,
...our families.

Our colleagues bring new knowledge to us all insights, wisdom, beauty.

Our colleagues make the future possible
...and they do it with our support,
...our encouragement, advice, calculations, analysis, and interpretations
...our partnerships.

We provide structure, so research happens. We are the foundation. Who are we? We administer research at a great institution.

We are research administrators at the University of Wisconsin.

Happy National Research Administrator's Day!

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NCURA's Tribute to National Research Administrator's Day


Award Lifecycle

Find internal/external resources and links to funding opportunities for supporting your research.
Proposal Preparation
Software, tools, and information on getting your proposal routed and submitted correctly and on time.
Once funded, this will guide you through the process to get your award set up.
Award Management
Monitor expenditures, sub-agreements, award modifications, invoicing, and financial reporting.
Ensures all appropriate expenditures have been applied and results in the closing of the account.

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