Cost Sharing Policy

As one of the nation's leading research institutions, the University of Wisconsin – Madison recognizes the importance of providing good stewardship of institutional and extramural funds. The University's stewardship includes the responsibility for complying with federal requirements for proposing, managing, and documenting sponsored activities.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Cost Sharing Policy & Guidelines

Cost Sharing Management


RSP Cost Share Working Group Business Processes

  1. How CSWG will distribute workload for answering questions in CS mailbox
  2. How campus will get CS approved
  3. How RSP will review CS at Proposal
  4. How RSP/Campus will set up CS at award
  5. How campus will manage, track, and document cost sharing
  6. How RSP will investigate/fix CSBO errors
  7. How RSP will handle post award accounting, monitoring, and reporting of cost sharing
  8. How RSP sub-team will handle update forms

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