Best ever at splitting light, new material could improve LEDs, solar cells, optical sensors
Posted: 06/18/2018
The project was a team effort involving researchers at multiple institutions with varied expertise. “This is a big success for collaborative science,” says UW–Madison's Mikhail Kats.

UW-Madison partners with Madison high schools to promote college and career readiness
Posted: 06/12/2018
In a partnership with the Madison Metropolitan School District, UW-Madison is making strides in showing high school students the opportunities they have for post-secondary education.

Heavier rains and manure mean more algae blooms
Posted: 06/11/2018
A recent UW-Madison study shows that the increased frequency of high-intensity rain events is worsening phosphorus runoff from manure-covered agricultural fields more than scientists expected. A new effort aims to address this problem in Dane County.