To sleep, perchance to forget
Posted: 02/17/2018
The debate in sleep science has gone on for a generation. People and other animals sicken and die if they are deprived of sleep, but why is sleep so essential?

New approaches in neuroscience show it’s not all in your head
Posted: 02/16/2018
“How we experience the world affects us in more ways than we previously thought,” says Richard Davidson, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at UW–Madison and director of the Center for Healthy Minds.

UW-Madison announces six new ‘cluster hire’ initiatives
Posted: 02/13/2018
It’s no secret that the University of Wisconsin-Madison has faculty in a wide range of fields all across campus. But some of the best ideas are generated from conversations between people with different areas of expertise. That’s part of the goal of the cluster hiring initiative, designed to foster collaborative research, education and outreach by […]