FAQs for RSP Government Shutdown stop work order projects page (https://www.rsp.wisc.edu/routing/Programs/Shutdown.cfm)

October 3, 2013

  • Q:  What do I do if I receive a stop work order notice?

A:  Please send all agency stop work correspondence to RSP at preaward@rsp.wisc.edu. RSP Staff will review the notice and contact you with guidance before taking any additional action.

  • Q:  What does it mean if I receive agency stop work correspondence?

A:  RSP has received a few agency stop work notices.  We have posted the projects affected at https://www.rsp.wisc.edu/routing/Programs/Shutdown.cfm. Generally speaking, these notices are saying that all work needs to stop immediately and no expenses can be incurred on the project as of October 1, 2013. 

In some cases, there are only some restrictions being added to the award terms, for example, restrictions on travel.

Please coordinate with RSP in all stop work situations. We’ll work to come to a common understanding on what transactions are allowable and what transactions cannot be charged during the stop work period.

  • Q:  What should I do about payroll charges?

A:  RSP is working with OHR to do a complete review of employees who are affected by stop work orders. A careful review of the appointment types will be needed. RSP and OHR will work on a case by case basis to provide you advice. In some situations, your department may want to consider alternative sources of funding to cover the period of the government shutdown. If you have further questions, please coordinate with your Division representatives.

  • Q:  What should I do about non-payroll charges?

A:  All projects with full Stop Work orders will be put on Hold in the financial system. Any charges incurred during the period of the government shutdown, beginning October 1, 2013, are not allowable to the project. Charges that were incurred prior to the shutdown but that come through the system after October 1 will be caught in a budget check. . Budget error check review and reconciliation will be done by Business Services and RSP. Any appropriate charges will be allowed to go through.

  • Q: I have an employee on an IPA with the VA Hospital. Can they continue to work during the shutdown?

A: Yes. The VA Hospital is continuing to operate during the Federal shutdown. UW employees under IPA agreements can continue to work during the shutdown period.