F&A Exception List

This list contains the organizations to which University of Wisconsin faculty frequently submit applications and for which the UW has been able to confirm the F&A or indirect cost rate is less than the Federally negotiated rate. For information on the difference between an Exception and a Waiver, please see the F&A Policy Guidance page. If a sponsor appears on this list as having an exception (indicated by a rate in the right column), it is NOT necessary to route documentation of the sponsor's F&A rate with a proposal.

In order to keep the index from becoming unwieldy, RSP will add a new sponsor to the list only when UW-Madison has submitted at least 10 proposals to that sponsor within the preceding 2 years. To request the addition of a sponsor to this list, please email the name of the sponsor, the grant program name (if applicable) and the current published F&A rate information to kmoreland@rsp.wisc.edu. If RSP determines the sponsor meets the above criteria, the sponsor will be added to the list.

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