at UW-Madison is the Federal government's intitial solution for a "one stop shop" for finding and applying for funding. Below is some important information about Cayuse supports nearly 100% of federal applications.

Registration: The University is registered. No individual must register with All that is required by UW applicants is to use DUNS #161202122 on any application. The FIND portion of does NOT require registration.

Finding Funding: Use the Find feature within to locate possible funding programs. Funding programs eligible for electronic submission via will have an application package available for download.

Filling out the Application Forms: PLAN AHEAD!! START EARLY!!

  • The application forms for all programs are in a standard PDF format.
  • Read the application instructions! Each application package and each Agency's use of some fields is unique. A sample application cover page and some additional form pages are available here.
  • SF424 Budget forms require use of Person Months not Percent Effort. RSP has created a conversion tool for going back and forth. A SF 424 R&R budget preparation tool allowing you to print in the format that the SF 424 requires is now available.

Submission of the Application:

  • You will need to route a WISPER record for the application (as with all University applications). The file can be attached electronically to your WISPER record.
  • b. Email confirmations are sent by and the receiving agency. The Validation Table describes these notifications.

Solutions in process: It is strongly recommended that you do not entertain individual purchase of a software solution as a tool to complete applications. The University offers CAYUSE for this purpose.

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