Cost Transfer Policy Roles and Responsibilities

Page Updated: December 1st, 2016

Principal Investigator/Department Designee Responsibilities:

  • Ensures that expenditures are allocable, allowable, and reasonable to a specific sponsored project.
  • Ensures that expenditures are allocated in accordance with award budget, sponsor guidelines, and UW-Madison policy.
  • Ensures that individuals have appropriate authority to incur and allocate expenditures.
  • Ensures that monthly monitoring of expenditures, timely correction of errors, and reallocation of expenses, including personnel effort, occurs.
  • Ensures compliance with UW-Madison Cost Transfer Policy.
  • Initiates and/or authorizes requests for cost transfers.
  • Provides complete, clear and reasonable justification for transfers as required by this policy.
  • Manages project to minimize the need for cost transfers.

College / School Responsibilities:

  • Ensures that personnel responsible for financial administration of sponsored projects are familiar with UW-Madison Cost Transfer Policy.
  • Provides oversight and advice on sponsored project administration including cost transfers and effort reports.
  • Provides support to answer questions and concerns from PI’s and departments regarding cost transfer issues.
  • Approves transfers, and ensures 90-day compliance with UW-Madison Cost Transfer Policy.

Research and Sponsored Programs Responsibilities:

  • Exercises stewardship over sponsored projects in accordance with specific award terms and conditions and sponsor policy.
  • Advises PI, Department, and Dean’s Office on processing cost transfer adjustments and procedures.
  • Reviews and approves cost transfers and supporting documentation in accordance with UW-Madison policy and sponsor guidelines.
  • Provides training on Cost Transfer Policy and principles of sponsored project administration.

Please note that the distribution of these responsibilities may vary in different areas of campus. Responsibilities may be shared or delegated differently between the respective groups depending on organizational structure and staffing at the PI/designee, college/school, and Research and Sponsored Programs Office level.

Assistance and Support

Research and Sponsored Programs is available to respond to inquiries and assist the PI or designee and College/School personnel with question regarding Cost Transfers. Your College/School’s Dean’s administrative office will also be able to provide guidance with cost transfer issues and concerns.