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Page Updated: December 1st, 2017

NIH is the largest single sponsor of UW funding. To that end, we have listed additional information about NIH policies and practices on campus. In addition, if you have questions regarding NIH's Implementation of, please see the Agency Specific Page.

NIH Links

NIH Office of Extramural Research

Receipt Dates
Updated: June 17th, 2013

Application Forms

Salary Cap Limitations

Career Development Awards

FDP Agency Specific Guidelines

Grants Policy Statement

Guide for Grants and Contracts

NIH Commons
FAQ Regarding the Commons

Help & How-To's

Conflict of Interest - Procedures for NIH Notification

Conversion of Percent of Effort to Person Months
...and back again.

Human Subjects Information

Model Organism Sharing Policy Guidance

Modular Grant Application Help

NIH Commons

DHHS Salary Cap Guidance

Transferring an NIH Grant

Sub-recipients on PHS Proposals

Vertebrate Animal Section

Commons, eRA and eSNAP Links

Commons User Guide

eSNAP User Guide
User Guides can also be found under the Modules, User Guides and Documentation section of the Applicants, Grantees, and Training & Career Dev. tabs of the eRA website.

July 2010 eRA Software Release Notes
Can also be found under the Modules, User Guides and Documentation section of the Applicants, Grantees, and Training & Career Dev. tabs of the eRA website.

eRA Virtual School
Can also be accessed from the bottom right (Resources) section of the eRA home page.

My NCBI web-based training demos
The My NCBI demos (and other helpful links) can also be accessed from the Basic Tasks section on the Applicants and Grantees tabs of the eRA website.

Annotated Application Forms (SF424 general and small business)

Ten Checks to Help Avoid Common Errors

UW Forms & Instructions

Face Page - NIH Form 398
Updated: April 7th, 2014

Letter of Intent to Establish a Consortium Agreement

Modular Budget Spreadsheet

Other Support Information
See page I-40

Current and Pending Support Tool


The University will not set up New or Renewal accounts without the following forms being routed through Research and Sponsored Programs and submitted to the Agency. Similarly, all necessary approvals (Human Subjects, Animal Use, and Biological Safety) must be on file with RSP prior to account setup.

Required Assurance Form
Required for PI and Fellow to sign prior to application. Upload this form to the WISPER record.

Activation Notice

Payback Agreement
For Postdoctoral only

NIH Predoctoral Fellowship Procedures

Verify eligibility for NRSA Diversity Fellowships

Non-Competing Applications

NIH SNAP applications may be filed online through the NIH Commons. See the Help and How to eSNAP guide for more information.

NIH Non-competing Applications involving the use of Human Subjects require the submission of the Human Subjects Training Certification Letter before RSP will submit the application. NIH SNAP Applications require no budget submission, but the inclusion of the Streamlined Supplement Form.


eRA Help Page

Self Help Resources for the Grant Applicant Community
Includes "Hot News" and "What Users are Asking"

My NCBI Help
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