ARRA Frequently Asked Questions for Effort Reporting

Page Updated: December 16th, 2015

Question 1: How are ARRA awards set up?
All ARRA funding will require a new award. Even supplemental funds will require separate awards from their parent funding. For more information on how RSP and campus are tracking ARRA awards at proposal and award setup, click here.

Question 2: How do ARRA awards get reported?
OMB requires unique reporting on ARRA awards. The reports required under Section 1512 of the Act are to be submitted by recipients beginning in October 2009 and will contain detailed information on the projects and activities funded by the Recovery Act. More information can be found here.

Question 3: How will ARRA awards show up in ECRT?
ARRA awards will show up in ECRT like any other sponsored project. The only difference is that all ARRA awards will have the acronym ‘ARRA’ in the project title. ECRT will not change the way that effort statements are put together. Thus, ECRT will continue to pull information from current data sources and display it as usual. Please recall that there are three possible reasons why a project will show up on an employee’s effort statement:

  1. The employee receives payroll from a sponsored project, and/or
  2. The employee is cost shared from a sponsored project, and/or
  3. The employee is the PI on a sponsored project

All of the above still hold true for ARRA awards.

Question 4: How do you certify ARRA awards in ECRT?
An ARRA award should be certified just like any other stand-alone award. In other words, a certifier should certify his or her effort on all projects that appear on the effort statement, including all ARRA awards, in accordance with the pledged, obligated and expended effort commitments for each project.

If an ARRA award supplement appears on an effort statement with a parent research grant, the certifier should certify both projects in accord with the pledged, obligated and expended effort commitments for each particular project row.

Please recall that certifying effort is not the same thing as certifying payroll. The purpose of certifying effort is not to confirm how an individual was paid, but to confirm that:

  • Salary charges to the sponsor are reasonable in relation to the work performed, and
  • The effort provided to each sponsor is at least as great as the effort promised to the sponsor, i.e., effort is greater than or equal to commitments.