NOTICE 2006-3
January 9, 2006

TO: Deans, Directors, Department Chairpersons, and Department Administrators (for distribution to all Faculty)
FROM: L Kim Moreland, Director
SUBJECT:  Tuition Remission Change

On the advice of the chancellor and University Committee, we are announcing a change in the tuition remission charge for outgoing proposals for sponsored projects .

For the last eight months, the Tuition Remission Task Force has studied graduate student tuition remission policy and how the university can address its attendant fiscal challenges. Yesterday, based on the task force's recommendations, the chancellor and the University Committee endorsed the following implementation step toward a change in the way the university will cover the cost of tuition remission.

Effective immediately, all proposals for new grant and contract funding must include a tuition remission surcharge of $8,000 per year for each Program/Project Assistant (PA) and Research Assistant (RA) eligible for tuition remission, regardless of the percent of appointment. This fixed charge replaces the previous rate of 25% of stipends. By including the new, fixed amount in proposals that are submitted now, new awards can be funded with the tuition remission amount at that level.

Additional information about changes in tuition remission will be available at a later date when the University Committee and the Tuition Remission Task Force have completed their deliberations. In the meanwhile, please call RSP, 262-3822, with any questions about applying the surcharge to proposals.

xc: School/College Research Administrators

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