NOTICE 2001-4
January 2, 2001

TO: Deans, Directors, and Department Chairpersons, Department Administrators (for distribution to all Faculty
FROM: William J. Vance, Assistant Dean
SUBJECT:  Fringe Benefit Rates for July 1, 2001 through June 30, 2002

The following fringe benefit rates will become effective July 1, 2001 for the Doctoral Cluster Institutions (UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee) and UW-Extension, and will be used when charging the employer's contribution to fringe benefits on all new and on-going extramural projects.

Regular Faculty and Academic Staff  32.00%
Regular Classified 44.50%
Research Associates and Grad Interns 21.00%
Research Assistants, Project Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Pre-Doc Fellows and/or Trainees  14.00%
Post-Doc Fellows and/or Trainees 8.50%
Limited Term Employes (LTE's) 17.50%
Ad Hoc Program Specialists, Undergraduate Assistants and Undergraduate Interns 6.00%
Student Hourly Employes 1.50%

The rates for Research, Project, and Teaching  Assistants, and Pre and Post-Doctoral Fellows and/or Trainees represent the University’s contribution to health insurance only.  All other rates include the University’s contribution to retirement, health and life insurance, social security, unemployment and worker's compensation insurance, and income continuation insurance as appropriate. The specific components for each rate are detailed on the attached schedule.

We appreciate your assistance in assuring that all projects with an anticipated beginning date of July 1, 2001 or later include the above rates.

xc:  School/College Research Administrators

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