How to Get an Additional Project ID Under an Award

NOTE: An additional Project ID is not needed to allow another Department or College to spend on an existing project. This may be accomplished by adding the necessary spending edit to the existing Project ID. To achieve this, please send a request to your Departmental Research Administrator or College/School Representative.

To request sub Project(s) on an existing Award:

If a Project ID or multiple Project IDs exist and additional Project ID(s) are required, the request must be completed in WISPER.

  • Select the Sub-Project document type exists for selection.
  • Complete the appropriate award level information on the WISPER General Tab including..
    • entering the existing MSN Award ID in the Related ID field
    • entering the compliance related information for any subprojects requested
  • Complete the projects tab, one project for each additional project beyond those existing that is requested.
    • If there is a project being held for use and you wish to activate that project, include the project number as the project description in the WISPER project details.
  • Any commitments or cost sharing that need to be moved from the existing project to the new project, please include this information in the submission instructions. Duplication of this information in the projects tab may result in validation errors.

The award PI and Dean's office must sign the WISPER record. If the subprojects include additional units outside of the owning unit, the Dean's office should facilitate the appropriate WISPER approvals before signing off. The Dean's office should us the DIVISION ACTION tab and the SUBMIT TO SPO function when the record is complete.