RSP Subaward Portal - Submitting a Subaward Modification Request

Page Updated: August 3rd, 2016

Step 1: Search for Prime Award in Portal

From the Portal Home Screen locate the existing subaward using the subaward search function (search by Requisition Number). Enter the requisition number and hit the Search button. This brings up the subaward page. To add a new modification request, click the "Request a Subaward Modification" button near the bottom of the page next to "Modifications" to open the modification request form.

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Step 2: Complete the Modification Request
  • Review Place of Performance and Subawardee Contacts. Changes to these fields can be made by sending an email to
  • Select Yes or No for the conflict of interest question. This question relates specifically to this subaward and is used for our Risk Assessment prior to subaward mod issuance. You should obtain the answer from your PI.
  • Select Yes or No for the Tangible Deliverables question. Tangible deliverables may include equipment, prototypes or other similar items.
  • Attach a Budget/Budget Narrative. If this is a no cost extension request and the budget and the budget narrative has not changed, select "not applicable."
  • Attach a Scope of Work. If this is a no cost extension request and the scope of work has not changed select "not applicable."
  • An Encumbrance Management Form (EMF) is no longer needed as part of a subaward modification request. The RSP accountant will generate the EMF after reviewing your request.
  • Enter the Direct Costs and Indirect Costs for this modification. Total Budget will calculate automatically.
  • Enter applicable Subrecipient Cost Share - if none enter $0.
  • Include an explanation for the budget increase.
  • Enter the new budget period. Generally, the start date remains the same.
  • Include an explanation for the increase in time.
  • Confirm Subaward PI is correct. You can choose from a pull down menu or add a new contact by clicking on "Not Found."
  • If the PI has changed, include an explanation in the Other dialogue box.
  • Use the Other box to include any other information you think the RSP accountant will need to process the modification request.
  • Use the Notes box to include any additional information you think the RSP Accountant should know when processing the request. The RSP Accountant and Dean's Office will also use this section if they return the request because they require additional information.
Step 3. Submit to RSP

When the correct information is entered and uploaded, select the “Submit to Dean/Division Office” button for processing. If necessary, you may “Save without submitting” and return to the form at a later time to submit. To access the saved form, log back into the Subaward Portal system and go to your “My Subawards Pending List”.