Subaward Issuance

Page Updated: May 1st, 2018

Before initiating a request for a new outgoing subaward, please take a moment to ensure that you have the following:

  1. Proper relationship has been determined.
    1. As required by the Uniform Guidance, RSP will review the scope of work to ensure the correct relationship has been documented and that a subaward is indeed the correct agreement to issues for third party relationship.
    2. Note: The issuance of your subaward may be delayed if this has not been properly determined. If you have questions, contact the RSP outgoing subaward team.

  2. Sponsor approval has been obtained.
    1. If the subaward you are requesting was included in the UW-Madison proposal package submitted to the sponsor, and the sponsor issued an award based on that proposal, then nothing more is needed.
    2. * An exception is subcontracts issued under contracts governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations, which will need contracting officer approval if not explicitly identified in paragraph (j) of clause 52.244-2.

    3. If the subaward you are requesting was not included in the UW-Madison proposal package, then RSP needs written approval from the sponsor prior to issuing the subaward.
      1. State of Wisconsin law requires written approval in all cases. Even if the sponsor delegates authority to UW-Madison to make this decision, RSP still needs written approval.
  3. Necessary documentation has been obtained.
    1. Detailed budget and justification
      1. See the "Subawards at Proposal" page for specifics.
    2. Scope of Work
    3. Endorsement from the Subrecipient's Authorized Official

Subaward Issuance Process: Subaward Portal

Step 2: Complete the New Subaward Information Form
  • Choose the appropriate Award ID to fund this subaward from the drop-down menu.
  • If this is a continuation or a supplement, please provide any other relevant WISPER numbers in the dialogue box.
  • Enter the subrecipient institution name. As you begin typing, options may appear. If you do not see the subrecipient name you can manually enter it by selecting “Click here to add new entity”.
  • Enter the contact information for the subrecipient sponsored project office and the subrecipient PI. A variety of options may appear in the drop-down menu or you can add a new contact person manually by clicking the “Not found?” hyperlink. If there are no options in our system, the page will default to the manual entry.
  • Enter the subaward period of performance dates using the calendar function or manually. If this is a multi-year award, only enter the dates of the first year.
  • Enter Direct Costs and Indirect Costs for this period of performance.
  • Enter any cost-share amount the subrecipient is responsible for. If no cost-share, enter zero.
  • Chose the appropriate spending edit that is available from the drop-down menu.
  • Answer “Should the first $25000 be allocated to Account code 3840”? For new subawards, the first $25,000 is allocated to account code 3840 to ensure proper distribution of UW F&A expenditures. If this is a new subaward please answer this question yes.
  • Choose the program code for this project from the drop-down menu.
  • Dialogue Box 1: Have any changes been made to the subaward budget or scope of work after the project was awarded by the Sponsor? If yes, please explain.
  • Dialogue Box 2: You also have the opportunity to provide other information that should be incorporated into this agreement.
  • Answer “Is there a possible conflict of interest between the UW and this Subrecipient”? This question relates specifically to this subaward and is used for the RSP Risk Assessment prior to subaward issuance. You should obtain the answer from your PI.
  • Add necessary attachments for this subaward. A subaward budget and scope of work are required.
  • Enter the Department Financial Contact.
  • The Department Administrative contact automatically defaults to the person who is filling out the form.
Step 3: Submit to RSP

When the correct information is entered and uploaded, select the “Submit to RSP button” for processing. If necessary, you may “Save w/o Submitting to RSP” and return to the form at a later time to submit. To access the saved form, log back into the Subaward Portal system and go to your “My Subawards Pending List”.