FLAS Awards from Another Institution

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships are funded by the US Department of Education. The following process will be followed when FLAS funds are passed through from another educational institution.

WISPER record will include:

  • Approval letter or email from sponsor institution
    • Indicates invoicing terms and mailing address (may be email address)
  • Budget
    • Indicates invoicing detail (e.g. students' names and tuition amounts, if needed)
  • Scope of work
  • Preliminary contract document, if applicable
  • Dates to use for award
    • If contract may be used, indicate approved dates of tentative contract
    • If based on approval letter and budget only, indicate if want current year dates (e.g. June 13 - August 5, 2011) or 4-year to match Education funding (e.g. August 15, 2011 - August 14, 2014)

The WISPER record will be routed following the standard campus processes:

  • WISPER record, with attachments, is approved by department/division and routed to RSP Pre-Award
  • If a formal contract is required, negotiations with sponsor begin, signed agreements are obtained, etc.
  • Pre-Award Set-up Team creates award and enters the budget into SFS
  • Award folder is routed to Post-Award team to set up contract and billing plan
  • An invoice can be generated the same day as contract set-up is completed, if needed
  • The system-generated invoice provides the University's bank lockbox as the payment address. By using this lockbox, the risk of misplaced checks is minimized and overall payment processing time is decreased