About Research & Sponsored Programs

Page Updated: May 4th, 2017

Our office promotes and facilitates the research, education, and outreach missions of the University of Wisconsin-Madison by supporting and administering extramurally sponsored programs.

RSP is responsible for the final review, negotiation and submission of all grant and contract applications and for the negotiation of agreements. RSP staff provides financial and other administrative assistance by preparing financial reports, submitting invoices, processing payments, and addressing other primary functions including the following:

  • Transmit extramural support applications (4000 per year)
    RSP performs the final review of project proposals for UW-Madison on behalf of The Board of Regents and transmits the proposals to sponsors of extramural support. Preparation of the proposal is the responsibility of the principal investigator and requires sign-off by the Dean/Director, Departmental Offices and RSP prior to submission.
  • Negotiate and accept awards on behalf of The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.
    RSP conducts grant and contract negotiations and reviews and accepts all federal and non-federal awards on behalf of The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.
  • Administer financial projects on a daily basis (over 10,000 active projects)
    RSP reviews appropriate UW-Madison accounting source documents involving extramural support funds to confirm allowability of expenditures. RSP also provides UW-Madison departments with assistance during the grant period in obtaining agency approval of various actions desired by the investigators.
  • Provide training on UW-Madison and Sponsor's policies/procedures for administrators and investigators
    RSP provides training to faculty and administrative staff on the policies and procedures for the UW-Madison or any specific sponsor. Issues may include proposal development and processing, award administration issues, compliance with federal and non-federal regulations including electronic research administration initiatives (e.g. NSF FastLane, NIH Commons, Grants.gov), or any other topics concerning proposals, grants and contracts.
  • Maintain the extramural support database
    Data from proposals and awards are entered to a database that provides the basis for reports to The Board of Regents and other administrative units. Maintenance of the database results in the creation of accounting records to provide actual budgets, expenditures and receipts to the UW Processing Center General Ledger.
  • Collect receipts and prepare financial reports/invoices
    RSP submits financial reports as required by sponsors. It also bills for actual expenditures incurred or manages draws against letters of credit where this option is available from federal agencies.
  • Manage the Effort Certification Reporting & Technology System (ECRT)
    As required by OMB Circular A-21, RSP maintains the ECRT system to provide assurances that salaries charged to sponsored projects are reasonable in relation to the work performed and faculty and staff have met their commitments to sponsored projects.
  • Perform Facilities and Administrative cost studies (F&A costs)
    The Cost Studies section of RSP is responsible for planning and developing indirect cost rates for the UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee and UW-Extension campuses. Indirect costs are currently referred to as facilities and administrative costs (F&A costs). Such rates are used to recover administrative and other support costs incurred related to extramurally supported projects. The rate proposal is prepared using cost allocation and distribution methods as set forth in OMB Circular A-21 and other Federal Cost Principles. RSP personnel actively participate in rate negotiations with federal representatives and announce the agreed upon rates to faculty and appropriate campus representatives.