Vilas Life Cycle Award

Page Updated: October 8th, 2018


  • Award letters are provided by Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI).
  • These funds are provided by Vilas to help faculty and non-emeritus permanent PI’s who have had some major life change. For example, a serious illness or maternity leave. This could be for the individual faculty member or a family member of the faculty.
  • These awards are confidential and handled with discretion. The Faculty members name will not appear in WISDM or SFS.
  • Projects are setup with the faculty member as Dean and RSP as the owning department. The project edits will list the faculty member’s department number to allow for spending.
  • RSP will setup a 133 project for each fiscal year of the award.
  • The award start date can vary, however the end date is the end of the fiscal year.
  • Carryover to the next fiscal year is unallowable per the terms of the Vilas Trust. There are NO exceptions.
  • Unspent funds will be returned to the Vilas Trust at the end of the project.
  • Project number and allowable expenditure questions should be directed to Research and Sponsored Program's Angie Johnson,, 608-890-3147.


  • Faculty who are awarded summer salary will have that amount paid in July and August of the award year only, no exceptions are allowed.
  • Faculty who are paid on an annual (12 month) basis are not eligible for salary on this award.
  • Faculty summer salary is limited to 2/9ths of the lowest paid Vilas Research Professor’s salary. This amount is subject to change each fiscal year. Summer salary amounts will be provided in the award letter and on the Vilas Awards Main Page.
  • Fringe benefits will be charged for all personnel paid on the award.
  • Funds may only be spent according to the budget. If you need to rebudget, please submit a rebudget request to Jennifer Sheridan at and Angie Stenli at